30 Days of Positivity

30 Days of Positivity

It All Started When…

I decided why I needed a change of scenery. I chose to journal the first first day— explore how I felt within the past 24-48hrs perviously to digest. My goal was to reach a state of mind that is persistent with my dreams and aspirations. As I approach the second week, I’ve learned a few things about myself over the last two weeks : 

  • I am very independent. 
  • I am highly intuitive and yet to miss a beat
  • I choose to consciously be happy and excited about every step I take for my journey 
  • I kept my promise to myself 

The first week consisted of deep self love. Anything I felt led to do, if I chose journaling , I journaled— if I chose to take myself to dinner and splurge, I DID ! Simply because I deserved this attention. I deserve the love and care I show to others and when its not presently flowing from others, I take it upon myself to treat myself. 

I owe it to myself to alleviate all stresses I constantly carry. It’s time to release the burden of being so perfect. I’ve realized many times I am not perfect but I am uniquely perfect in the way I choose to show up for myself. My state of mind determines my environment and if my mind chooses stress I will collapse into the abyss of the unknown. 

30 Days of Positivity isn’t about saying you’re going ZEN and F*** everyone else … It’s about the love you’ve been inkling to give to yourself.