22 + City Life

Since I Turned 22

Thursday night is when my weekend started. Going to school everyday and the endless hours of homework by Friday night I’m debating if I want to choose my personal life or focus on business. This is the schedule I’m faced with unless I try to throw in a new routine, because I prefer a peace of mind .

Living in the city has taught me how to prioritize and provide for myself everyday . It’s also taught me that not all luxuries have to be wildly expensive for pampering myself too. 

Are you familiar with the saying “ Dress for the occasion ?” , it’s almost an understatement when you think of how much you actually spend. This is where the art of saving is developed based on self control . 

And believe me, I wanted to have it ALL! I started thinking of more spending habits that actually fit my needs, like clothes or home goods and grocery shopping.

Over the years I tended to hoard things I knew for a fact I didn’t want. I even found myself buying foods of the same kind because of comfort, and it was time to grow up. I became well versed in my budget when I balanced what actually brings me value or comfort .

Night Life

The weekend in Atlanta starts any night you prefer, and this gives you a large variety of options to explore. There’s the inner city, Midtown, this is where you’ll find your working class who are usually out with friends or family. The best place for anyone to explore in my opinion is Ponce City Market.

Ponce City Market has an endless array of shops and restaurants that aren’t usual places you’d find! They even have a rooftop where you can go to the bar and also play mini golf too.

If you’re looking for more of an intimate lunch or dinner, reserve a spot at Two Urban Licks. You can never go wrong here. Their cocktails are amazing to start off the meal!

When you move further north you find Buckhead, this is where all of your big parties and college students prefer to reside. The street is literally filled with them, and the bars are never empty. Drinking with your friends for celebration and grabbing a bite to eat in the midsts is the best experience after a long five day week to kick start your weekend.

Just Remember

The moments you spend in your idle periods after work, just go out and enjoy yourself. Celebrate those goals and accomplishments you reach in private.

I find over the last few months of living within the city of Atlanta I’ve learned three things :

  1. I’m a successful , young , black woman.
  2. My social life and gatherings are nothing but EPIC

I start my days off with the last thing I’ve seemed to finally flow into, School and Business First . This flow is unstoppable when you dedicate yourself to 5 a.m. mornings and necessary meditation.

Don’t cut out what you need to take a breather from. What you should do is strive to start your weekend off with dinner and cut off your phone ! Make ME TIME first and see how the rest flows effortlessly.

3 Things Senior Taught Me

Within the past four years of my time in college I’ve learned five things I’ll forever be changed by. It’s a major accomplishment to achieve when you’ve made your mind up to achieve this goal. College isn’t for everyone and that’s something I’ve come to understand and also take pride in the fact that I chose to commit myself to one of my lifetime achievements.

1. Be Grateful

Grasp onto the implementation of being GRATEFUL ! Many of us take for granted the opportunity to achieve higher education, and even to attend school on a paid scholarship. I learned a valuable lesson from my senior year by sticking to my plan and remaining in touch with the vision I was seeking. I took a moment to process how I started, which was a 17 year old trying to understand what paths I’d taken to land me in positions many did not understand. Choosing to undo everything I had learned and walking away from something that was my identity.

Today I can vividly understand why I wrote so many affirmations of being grateful and being successful helped. I started college unaware of who I was and where I wanted to go, but remained grateful for all of the up-hill battles I experienced daily.

Regardless of how large a task is or how much is required of you to achieve your goal… Do it . And obtain your goals gracefully and aware of how grateful you are to be where you were required to be.

2. Create a Schedule and STICK TO IT

Hear me out on this one, and please understand it’s necessary to create a schedule you can function and thrive in. I didn’t just make it to my senior year and not create a schedule where I have time for social life and studying. Learning to do this early on will determine the type of student you are. And ultimately the gain perspective on who you are becoming.

Because of this perspective shift and new understanding you are learning to implement different values and techniques in your life. Maintaining a schedule you can become successful with is the only importance you should truly gain your own opinion.

Alongside the journey of furthering my education I met many people from different realities other than my own. I learned skills from people who didn’t believe they harnessed such golden eggs & executions. Many of them even showed me what consistency is and how to continue moving towards the goals I want to achieve.

3. Integrate your social life

This may be difficult to digest.. But, you need a social life outside of school. It’s not weird and it’s not outdated to create friends that aren’t within your own path. I find it’s been interesting meeting people I wouldn’t usually mingle with but I’ve created bridges within gaps I’m just now putting together.

And you have to make space for people in your life you wouldn’t usually create one for ! This can create the standard ” it’s all about who you know ” meaning to your essence of a social life. You even end up creating life long friendships that grow in all stages of your current life, but they are here to stay.

All within itself learning to attune to your own drum is the essence of your ego you fight so hard to keep up. When you learn the lyrics to your own symphony you can bet on yourself and even venture into new destinations that take sudden turns for the better.

Welcome To August

This month brings new abundance in the fruits of our labor. The Intuitive Brand has grown so much with the help of our customers and supporters! 

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting our first social pop up shop event, Black Wall Street, inspired by those before us and paying gratitude to honor entrepreneurs before The Intuitive Brand and those apart of our event. 

We hope to achieve with more engagement from our customers locally ! 

What’s to Come ? 

We have new announcement and curated handmade products to present this month! Our star product of the month is our Red Dragon’s Blood sage stick. This product was hand picked with the understanding that we are moving into the Lions Gate for the season of LEO! This means your new moon manifestations can be protected with this sage stick; banishing all that means to do evil intent or sending bad vibes your way. You can also use Red Dragon’s Blood sage sticks to bring in powerful potent manifestation of what you’d like to align yourself with. 

Expect to be surprised in some of our new creations and color builds ! Our newest candle mold includes the “Zen Bubble” candle. It’s created for peace and prosperity for you to bring in or smell the frequency of the fragrance. 

3 Ways to Start The Journey of Shadow Work

The most influential experience you can gain is learning about yourself and addressing the baggage that you suppress. There are many different phases we experience in our lives that can last for what seems like a lifetime but it’s all about perspective. When you gather the courage to take steps that require you as the focus this where things can become disfigured, often proving to ourselves we are not exempt just because we choose not to address it .

Step 1 : Connect With Emotions You Feel

This is so much easier said than done, and many times we forget we are emotional and not emotionless. This is a needed perspective shift you can apply when you find yourself refusing to react; while you can reflect on the situation that causes an influx of emotion pin point the emotion that makes you feel affected the most.

Below are ways you can connect deeper with yourself :

  • Try journaling when you’re unable to express how you feel aloud.
  • Write affirming affirmations ! ( ex. I am successful ; I am beautiful , I am powerful
  • Address the EGO : This is a step that is essential for the growth of one’s maturity and higher self illumination.

Step 2 : Address your subconscious

I find that during this lifetime currently, the emphasis of exploring your subconscious needs are becoming apparent. Whether people are aware or not, we can manifest or repress certain situations that may arise. These situations that occur can be pinpointed as a response to trauma you’ve yet addressed— meaning , you find yourself running into someone who’s behaving in ways you feel is “deja vu”.

It’s simply a guide book to what your true desires are. Intuition plays a role on maneuvering trauma healing, known as “shadow work”. Intuition is something you have access to if you trust what it is that you feel. Trust that some fears may arise so that you can address it and no longer repress the trauma you’ve kept stashed away .

Step 3 : Exploring Healing Remedies

Ever been crystal shopping ? Or gone to a Reiki Healing session ?! If this is not usually the route you’ve taken in the past try this, and really explore the things you are guided to do. During the phases of healing one’s core essence you’ll be guided to go in different directions you may not have known was available, and this a huge indicator that one is open to the guidance of the “universe or source “.

Personally I can only be an example of what I’ve shared with you. This means getting honest about what you truly need to work on or heal from; this also means you have a choice to go within and communicate with your higher self. One will not be able to accomplish the inner healing they wish to achieve if you are not open to it.

Below are ways you can attune to your higher self :

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Occult studies ( such as Tarot , Rituals ; * please be aware if you are not connected to the higher realms and self this will not be as successful as you are hoping ! )

  • Take nature walks
  • Use singing bowls to cleanse the chakras
  • Begin Yoga to experience Kundalini Rising / Awakening

Welcome to July

The Lions Den

July brings so much jovial energy, almost calming to a peak ! I’m choosing to reflect on the emotional decisions I’ve made to bring about transformation. Transforming my emotional journey to be more expressive from feeling confided .

I call this the “Lions Den” , because this transformation isn’t for the weak. You must face your fears when you choose the solo essence of personal transformation that you insist. There are decisions only the strong would do; in essence that is putting yourself before others and that also means the ability to leave what no longer serves you.

At first attempt you may find yourself unable to move forward with this attitude and some will see you as selfish, while others will see you as courageous. The saying ” beggars can’t be choosers” stuck out to me like a sore thumb and seemed to highlight significant moments I found myself placed in. Emotionally choosing to transform myself in chant form almost became redundant with no results, and I found myself at the mercy of my own ideologies once more. Without a doubt in my mind I knew what had to be done. It was a cord cutting ceremony that pushed me to the peak of my ” just do it already ” inner voice, the fool, clear as day I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

Let me briefly explain the process of a cord cutting ceremony : On the day of a Full Moon..

  • Choose your relationships you wish to remove yourself from. In essence you are cutting ties with another soul with intention.
  • Write all that you wish to release that doesn’t serve you, also write situations that may have occurred during your time with this soul . Specifically write the truth and do not hold back.
  • Write the names of those you are removing your soul tie with , even the sexually intimate moments, and list the relationship you had with this person.

Next , chant the phrase you feel resonates with you most at the time. But most importantly, within your chant remember to forgive yourself and forgive the other person without ill-will . During this phase of your spell work don’t deny the gut instinct to leave this person behind .

If it is truly meant to be they will return, and if they do not, you’ve successfully removed this soul tie.

So, welcome to the Lions Den, where we remove and cut through illusions that once held us together . Through this journey there will be times where you must choose to stick to your moral code, and it is necessary that you don’t bend.