Intuition peaks every dawn .

It  was only a moment ago , I pondered in silence. 

I practiced this ritual most days and wondered off into the abyss of clouds. 

One can only spend so much time alone , existence of self . An intuition of peace overshadows the doubt and the bearing weightless numbness. 

How can a person survive or thrive in the abyss of silence.. still. Ongoing of transgressions of hate , acceptance of rebirth. 

Can you recall your rebirth ? Intuition of peace . Acceptance ?

Channeling the feelings of transparency .  A change can be sought after . How much of the old you , parts of your soul remaining only into pieces. Can you choose life over death at the end of shallow misfortunes , the thought always pondered. 

The end was near of unanticipated death. The death of one’s old journey , only to be a fate memory. A stranger to a new dawn.

 Bloomed so beautifully , she seen.

The end was near .


Emotionless in the face of pain. No one heard the screams of help. 

Suffocated in waves of anxiety. Misfortunes flourishing in her eyes. 

They filled with tears —  

Long expressions of arousal only through pain and suffering . Images of a savior often appeared freely , flowing thoughts of “Save me please .. Save me “. If anyone could hear these thoughts of sorrow , the light would dim in which they approved of her in.  

This secret she kept felt as if everyone knew. Her shame and sorrow nurtured in her quest to follow the intuition of flooded memories and feelings— All she could replay just to stop the voices and the pain of unwanted desires. She often found herself attuned in the face of affliction. Desirable , a thrill of joy just for a short moment , she knew life existed but never where she settled. To live in her thrills , caused affliction in ways in which became unrecognizable. Prayers of chilling tears accumulated through times of silence and self… “save me , help me , you can give up and it  will be okay . You know you prefer it  better this way 

Examining Expressions of Peace : Detachment

All  I ever wanted. Mastering the art of detachment , an ache-full journey . Never to be bothered by those who usually swayed me along for their existence of peace. Deceitful lies of your tongue you spoke . So stupid to believe a woman of my existence to see you in light of darkness. 

Joyous peaks of love and closeness we shared . You were mine as I were yours . Deliverance to the prayers I spoke only to believe you were a blessing from God. So stupid to believe a woman of my peace would allow you in to my serenity. 

Mastering the art of detachment , an ache-full journey . Discouraged , bruised but never to fall  a fool such as Achilles and his heel. I prided myself in love i nurtured for myself . Did you even want to be here I asked . Everyday I asked … you understood what it meant to be detached .

 I promise .. I fought to come with you as i once did before , it would’ve seemed much easier . 

I mimicked the ways of you .

Leaving behind those who did not understand.


I stood there , tired . So tired to breathe . Even to feel , when could this stop . The lies of tortured truths seeped in magnitudes of thought . 

Unfair , I had written this sorrow off . 

Could there be a spirit of joy , compassion , or deception of perception that resided in me .