Going Through Motions

It’s Monday already ?

The thought of Monday’s workload really made me burrow myself in pillows and the comfort of my bed.

 I know — Spoiled much ? probably what you’re thinking . 

But there’s a twitch in my stomach, and I can never get over the feeling of laying in bed for too long.

 I felt crouched from the inside out! 

Running to the bathroom to turn the shower on, some mornings I’d flush warm water on my face. I felt myself speeding up, eager to start the day. 

Wash .

Rinse .

Apply my clay mask.

This is the part where I’d hop in the shower and just take my time. The shower was so steamy — plus I found my new morning Monday regimen. 

So help me if I ever skipped it . 

I created a regimen of peace. 

Monday gave me a moment to reflect and recall. But some early hours of the day I would have to indulge into my “morning madness”, before the structured adult peace I’d have to slip into. 

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