22 + City Life

Since I Turned 22

Thursday night is when my weekend started. Going to school everyday and the endless hours of homework by Friday night I’m debating if I want to choose my personal life or focus on business. This is the schedule I’m faced with unless I try to throw in a new routine, because I prefer a peace of mind .

Living in the city has taught me how to prioritize and provide for myself everyday . It’s also taught me that not all luxuries have to be wildly expensive for pampering myself too. 

Are you familiar with the saying “ Dress for the occasion ?” , it’s almost an understatement when you think of how much you actually spend. This is where the art of saving is developed based on self control . 

And believe me, I wanted to have it ALL! I started thinking of more spending habits that actually fit my needs, like clothes or home goods and grocery shopping.

Over the years I tended to hoard things I knew for a fact I didn’t want. I even found myself buying foods of the same kind because of comfort, and it was time to grow up. I became well versed in my budget when I balanced what actually brings me value or comfort .

Night Life

The weekend in Atlanta starts any night you prefer, and this gives you a large variety of options to explore. There’s the inner city, Midtown, this is where you’ll find your working class who are usually out with friends or family. The best place for anyone to explore in my opinion is Ponce City Market.

Ponce City Market has an endless array of shops and restaurants that aren’t usual places you’d find! They even have a rooftop where you can go to the bar and also play mini golf too.

If you’re looking for more of an intimate lunch or dinner, reserve a spot at Two Urban Licks. You can never go wrong here. Their cocktails are amazing to start off the meal!

When you move further north you find Buckhead, this is where all of your big parties and college students prefer to reside. The street is literally filled with them, and the bars are never empty. Drinking with your friends for celebration and grabbing a bite to eat in the midsts is the best experience after a long five day week to kick start your weekend.

Just Remember

The moments you spend in your idle periods after work, just go out and enjoy yourself. Celebrate those goals and accomplishments you reach in private.

I find over the last few months of living within the city of Atlanta I’ve learned three things :

  1. I’m a successful , young , black woman.
  2. My social life and gatherings are nothing but EPIC

I start my days off with the last thing I’ve seemed to finally flow into, School and Business First . This flow is unstoppable when you dedicate yourself to 5 a.m. mornings and necessary meditation.

Don’t cut out what you need to take a breather from. What you should do is strive to start your weekend off with dinner and cut off your phone ! Make ME TIME first and see how the rest flows effortlessly.

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