Welcome To August

This month brings new abundance in the fruits of our labor. The Intuitive Brand has grown so much with the help of our customers and supporters! 

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting our first social pop up shop event, Black Wall Street, inspired by those before us and paying gratitude to honor entrepreneurs before The Intuitive Brand and those apart of our event. 

We hope to achieve with more engagement from our customers locally ! 

What’s to Come ? 

We have new announcement and curated handmade products to present this month! Our star product of the month is our Red Dragon’s Blood sage stick. This product was hand picked with the understanding that we are moving into the Lions Gate for the season of LEO! This means your new moon manifestations can be protected with this sage stick; banishing all that means to do evil intent or sending bad vibes your way. You can also use Red Dragon’s Blood sage sticks to bring in powerful potent manifestation of what you’d like to align yourself with. 

Expect to be surprised in some of our new creations and color builds ! Our newest candle mold includes the “Zen Bubble” candle. It’s created for peace and prosperity for you to bring in or smell the frequency of the fragrance. 

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