3 Ways to Start The Journey of Shadow Work

The most influential experience you can gain is learning about yourself and addressing the baggage that you suppress. There are many different phases we experience in our lives that can last for what seems like a lifetime but it’s all about perspective. When you gather the courage to take steps that require you as the focus this where things can become disfigured, often proving to ourselves we are not exempt just because we choose not to address it .

Step 1 : Connect With Emotions You Feel

This is so much easier said than done, and many times we forget we are emotional and not emotionless. This is a needed perspective shift you can apply when you find yourself refusing to react; while you can reflect on the situation that causes an influx of emotion pin point the emotion that makes you feel affected the most.

Below are ways you can connect deeper with yourself :

  • Try journaling when you’re unable to express how you feel aloud.
  • Write affirming affirmations ! ( ex. I am successful ; I am beautiful , I am powerful
  • Address the EGO : This is a step that is essential for the growth of one’s maturity and higher self illumination.

Step 2 : Address your subconscious

I find that during this lifetime currently, the emphasis of exploring your subconscious needs are becoming apparent. Whether people are aware or not, we can manifest or repress certain situations that may arise. These situations that occur can be pinpointed as a response to trauma you’ve yet addressed— meaning , you find yourself running into someone who’s behaving in ways you feel is “deja vu”.

It’s simply a guide book to what your true desires are. Intuition plays a role on maneuvering trauma healing, known as “shadow work”. Intuition is something you have access to if you trust what it is that you feel. Trust that some fears may arise so that you can address it and no longer repress the trauma you’ve kept stashed away .

Step 3 : Exploring Healing Remedies

Ever been crystal shopping ? Or gone to a Reiki Healing session ?! If this is not usually the route you’ve taken in the past try this, and really explore the things you are guided to do. During the phases of healing one’s core essence you’ll be guided to go in different directions you may not have known was available, and this a huge indicator that one is open to the guidance of the “universe or source “.

Personally I can only be an example of what I’ve shared with you. This means getting honest about what you truly need to work on or heal from; this also means you have a choice to go within and communicate with your higher self. One will not be able to accomplish the inner healing they wish to achieve if you are not open to it.

Below are ways you can attune to your higher self :

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Occult studies ( such as Tarot , Rituals ; * please be aware if you are not connected to the higher realms and self this will not be as successful as you are hoping ! )

  • Take nature walks
  • Use singing bowls to cleanse the chakras
  • Begin Yoga to experience Kundalini Rising / Awakening

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