Welcome to July

The Lions Den

July brings so much jovial energy, almost calming to a peak ! I’m choosing to reflect on the emotional decisions I’ve made to bring about transformation. Transforming my emotional journey to be more expressive from feeling confided .

I call this the “Lions Den” , because this transformation isn’t for the weak. You must face your fears when you choose the solo essence of personal transformation that you insist. There are decisions only the strong would do; in essence that is putting yourself before others and that also means the ability to leave what no longer serves you.

At first attempt you may find yourself unable to move forward with this attitude and some will see you as selfish, while others will see you as courageous. The saying ” beggars can’t be choosers” stuck out to me like a sore thumb and seemed to highlight significant moments I found myself placed in. Emotionally choosing to transform myself in chant form almost became redundant with no results, and I found myself at the mercy of my own ideologies once more. Without a doubt in my mind I knew what had to be done. It was a cord cutting ceremony that pushed me to the peak of my ” just do it already ” inner voice, the fool, clear as day I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

Let me briefly explain the process of a cord cutting ceremony : On the day of a Full Moon..

  • Choose your relationships you wish to remove yourself from. In essence you are cutting ties with another soul with intention.
  • Write all that you wish to release that doesn’t serve you, also write situations that may have occurred during your time with this soul . Specifically write the truth and do not hold back.
  • Write the names of those you are removing your soul tie with , even the sexually intimate moments, and list the relationship you had with this person.

Next , chant the phrase you feel resonates with you most at the time. But most importantly, within your chant remember to forgive yourself and forgive the other person without ill-will . During this phase of your spell work don’t deny the gut instinct to leave this person behind .

If it is truly meant to be they will return, and if they do not, you’ve successfully removed this soul tie.

So, welcome to the Lions Den, where we remove and cut through illusions that once held us together . Through this journey there will be times where you must choose to stick to your moral code, and it is necessary that you don’t bend.

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