Maintaining My Wellness

In the recent past I challenged myself to make a commitment to my health. I came into May with a lined schedule for pampering myself and kicking up the commitment to mind and body wellness through working out.. and vitamin injections !

Where am I now ?

I started exercising to maintain my cardio and figure! I mean let’s face it , I’m going to be turning 22 within the near future and I wanna look and feel my absolute best . I even started the journey of waxing— let me be clear, this route isn’t for everyone and that’s totally fine! It’s a personal routine of self care as a woman, I even invested in my hair growth. But with all this new routinely life habits i’m choosing to make I’ve learned so much about myself, even with balancing work life + school I still choose to put myself first above it all. 

Now, when it came to body health I changed the way I viewed wellness in order to fit my needs. Over the years I tried a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle but it was to commit myself to my weight loss journey as well ! With that being said, I’m more interested in maintaining where I’ve come with my body health. It’s important to make sure everything is connected, so that you are in tune with you. This also means sexual health as well, routinely yoni talks and self care remedies! 

Lemme Upgrade You 

I had to double back and really close the door on things that took more than what they could ever offer me. I started my cord cutting rituals but I took the route of severing the bonds I truly outgrew, and for that I am proud of myself because holding onto things that seem to clutter my life did me no good. I noticed many changes in my skin health and mental state seemed to feel like air. I felt weightless of what I’d endured before making my grand entrance to my cozy home of self. 

I can’t gloss over the details of my personal upgrade because its important to take these steps now so that they will be embedded in you with years to add to your life, and it’s important to understand the upkeep of self awareness so you do not fall astray.

I meditated more and frequently updated my chakras too ! I spent a few days taking trips to the crystal store and spending more time in nature. And this is when I noticed two huge misconceptions of myself; if I could gauge how much time I spent telling myself not to indulge in my truest needs and self desires. I would have almost believed it’s okay to put yourself on the back burner and secondly I now understand the choices I’ve made thus far. 

In light of putting myself on the back burner I truly gave up my power to others to see them flourish. This doesn’t make you more valuable, it may sound crazy but just hear me out.. If you spent majority of the time you’ve given to others and gave it to yourself where would you be right now ? 

And this isn’t to question your conclusions for being helpful in your own way, but you have to understand most people will find comfort in your help rather than attending to their deepest desires. It amazed me at how many people I’ve fallen out of touch with when it comes to supplemental energy with me. I personally chose to take my power back and take accountability for the pill no one wants to swallow, and that’s assessing where you are now and the steps you took to get here. 

Proudly I can deliver a message to you .. You are worth the time and effort you seek. The amounts of dedication you take for yourself to just to see you happy is a wonderful thing and should not be shamed. Reclaim the personal power you’ve given to others in hand of honest help, take that extra care you give to others and indulge in it yourself. 

You my friend will find yourself much happier and aware of the clarity you’ve always known. 

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