Welcome to May

I decided to put down the microphone and pick up blogging again. After two years of consistent writing and not releasing I decided to open the door. I want to share experiences that are keys to life as a young black woman; and exploring the spiritual side of life has given me riches !

Infusing Duality 

It IS VITAL that you learn to infuse your duality. It’s not a bad thing to be in touch with your masculine energy but also remember, we ALL carry feminine energy within us. I had to learn this heavily ! 

I started taking time for the things I’ve always wanted to start but never made the time. I journaled almost everyday to express how I really felt because no one would truly understand, and some days I took days to myself to nurture the needs I neglected because everyone needed me. It’s fascinating to know you are the backbone for many but the same is not returned. I found myself stretching thin to the point of no return– I even found myself solving issues of those who were not mine to pile on. But out of love and wanting to nurture myself, I nurtured others. And over the past two years Ive learned two important things of myself; I am insanely strong and I am no longer willing to sacrifice my time for things that DO NOT serve me . 

Turning inward to myself and attending to my needs made me better. It also made me question why I took from myself to give to others; in the sense of knowing I met many people that required of me to be their person and bare the weight of theirs. 

I felt that I needed to be comforted and heard and understood too. So, I created an outlet to release what I constantly held in. I became the nurturer and the provider for myself by infusing my dual energies. Because I am true to my needs and wants, I’m clearer than I have ever been on who I am.

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