No broken promises or unreliable people . No more energy vampires , beggars or leaches. Because within my own confinement it was safe . I experienced a destined fate of humiliation for being aware and present . In return I would instead give blindly to the idea of acceptance . Somewhere along the line acceptance became my identity . And fear became my new language . Landing me the hands on deception continuously . This vicious cycle of hate and fear quickly progressed into anger itself . It manifested , almost ingrained in my mental of the scars I endured . Shameful to speak of the mistreatment of myself . The abuse of instigated love affairs . Leaving me in a state of turmoil . 

This ‘ain no sad love story . Rather a mind of choices . Conflicted in the sea of emotions that seemed endless . These broken promises and unreliable people still appeared to toil and prey on my fears . It’s sickening but it’s my experience . Leaving me in a state of turmoil , my soul rested in confinement . 

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