935 Letting Go 

I’ve decided to let go of the residuals of my past. I still have flashing thoughts that go by during the day, but it never stays . I am actually in the space of loving myself more.. trusting God more. It’s not the easiest but truly I trust the plans of my manifestations, and it will be lovely.

I am refreshing my memory of what I love. Renewing life in every way that brings me empowerment. What I lost was painful, but it  helped me grow and with pain grew a queen. Trust in the plans of your dreams. Follow your intuition and do not sway from any places that make you feel uneasy. Find peace in yourself; love and honor your emotions and release them. Your life is renewed , Namaste. 

*Angel Number 935 is a message that your life changes are supported by the angels and Ascended Masters, and you are to trust that they are the right changes for you to make.

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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