Off Of You

I searched for this closure so many times, and honestly I’m not afraid to let go. I did this before but I let you come back in, and I played myself. I thought you’d change for you and not just to impress me. In agony of trying to forget what we shared but I never could. I don’t want to continue to stay here and be depressed over a man who makes these promises just to keep me here ! Waiting like a fool and I refuse to do this any longer. I have been dragged and humiliated when I needed you the most.

They don’t know how many times behind closed doors in agony . I had never cried so much and felt so empty; and you’ve taken the best parts of me and you still didn’t think it  was enough. And I feel so dumb , investing in someone who never changed. Your ways of confusion and issues became my own and I lost myself. I only became a product of you , and you took whatever I had left in my soul. I have been broken since I met you for years. 

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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