I couldn’t forget the thoughts. 

Drives me crazy especially at 3am.

It  was only me who fell abrupt . 

Promises only charmed me so far. I think it’s weird how we meet many people in our life , and they leave the biggest impact on your life. But only fate chooses if they stay or leave. Make you the happiest or broke you. But why is it  … when everything seems to be crashing in flames , the universe sends you a person exactly what you needed. Theres no rule book to how we come in contact with our little blessings, so we take what we can . Some accept half of the blessing, probably distraught is what keeps them. And these people come and change your energy , your process , but why?

I’ve questioned this so many times. “Why is it that we take anything we can get to survive this mess?”, we don’t care about the consequences if we accept it  , we love unwillingly. We give back a piece of us to them. Transferring energy , in love .

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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