2 AM

Broken records of old love stories seemed to play in a loop. Honestly, either I’m madly in love or blind to the fact this may never be the love story I imagined. The story any woman would imagine but blind to the fact that you only get bits and pieces before you get your happy ending. 

How unfair is that ? To be madly in love with the one who will barely show you a smile without dimming your light. To be called beautiful but yet treat you so ugly. Showing the ways of how passion burns hate that can swiftly glimpse love felt. I loved this man in despite the torments my mind looped at 2 AM. Only to become well aware of my inner peace but my place of comfort was not home. Instead I followed my heart into a home of deception of what love offered me in this man. But see , this man was like my sun. I’d follow him to the ends of the earth if I created my own fate. As we were designed to be, but still searching.

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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