Suicide : Dear Self

I’m not sure if you’ve taken the time to analyze your life in whole. I’m not sure if you know there is more to life than pain, and I know you may not think so. You are loved and cherished in ways many people could never see. You are light when those who are conflicted trust you to assist them. You are admirable , and special ; please don’t let the sorrow overshadow the truth.

You were never this way. That man you met hurt you a lot , and I Know . He gave you a chance to see love in a different light. And I know you believed he would be the one for you but how many guys have come and showed you this different light? And how many times did this light stay in your life without you out-shining your own love. 

I know you are sad when you have touching moments of silence. I know I can’t change what my past laid out for me; and I know the hands that you were dealt nearly killed you. But you survived; and I see you hanging by a thread , acting as if one more step and I could fall . I’m here to tell you , you can touch the ground. You are not floating from above, you are alive and breathing! You still feel ! And I know it sucks but you can still live and move on. 

For whenever you have these silent thoughts or the outbursts of pain ; Do not give in to the darkness you hear.

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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