Intuition peaks every dawn .

It  was only a moment ago , I pondered in silence. 

I practiced this ritual most days and wondered off into the abyss of clouds. 

One can only spend so much time alone , existence of self . An intuition of peace overshadows the doubt and the bearing weightless numbness. 

How can a person survive or thrive in the abyss of silence.. still. Ongoing of transgressions of hate , acceptance of rebirth. 

Can you recall your rebirth ? Intuition of peace . Acceptance ?

Channeling the feelings of transparency .  A change can be sought after . How much of the old you , parts of your soul remaining only into pieces. Can you choose life over death at the end of shallow misfortunes , the thought always pondered. 

The end was near of unanticipated death. The death of one’s old journey , only to be a fate memory. A stranger to a new dawn.

 Bloomed so beautifully , she seen.

The end was near .

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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