Emotionless in the face of pain. No one heard the screams of help. 

Suffocated in waves of anxiety. Misfortunes flourishing in her eyes. 

They filled with tears —  

Long expressions of arousal only through pain and suffering . Images of a savior often appeared freely , flowing thoughts of “Save me please .. Save me “. If anyone could hear these thoughts of sorrow , the light would dim in which they approved of her in.  

This secret she kept felt as if everyone knew. Her shame and sorrow nurtured in her quest to follow the intuition of flooded memories and feelings— All she could replay just to stop the voices and the pain of unwanted desires. She often found herself attuned in the face of affliction. Desirable , a thrill of joy just for a short moment , she knew life existed but never where she settled. To live in her thrills , caused affliction in ways in which became unrecognizable. Prayers of chilling tears accumulated through times of silence and self… “save me , help me , you can give up and it  will be okay . You know you prefer it  better this way 

Published by Aja

Honestly... Too analytical Aesthetic

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