And She Grew

Spin the Block 

Can I keep it real for a second ? 

Yeah this one hurt , sometimes I feel like crying and I mean the ugly cry. The cry you have when you know you can only trust you — its the cry you let out when what comes to fruition was true. A super wave of pressure released, your heart pumping and your stomach churning its the cry you let out when you finally can feel . 

The truth of the matter is that, I love so deep I feel in my spirit and every ounce of love I hold in every single part of my veins. It hurts me to my core, to express the deepest feelings beyond the depth. The epitome of going crazy just to go sane. I thought some days I must be off better alone to only realize my thoughts torment me of what’s been done and how many tears I cry at the hands of others. Not merely a victim but just a person who feels . 

I feel the vibrations of my heartache as it  begins to arise from my spine to  my chest. I feel like a ton of bricks are being built . That wall I build when heartache  peaks and I know its happening . I seem to not speak. I rather retreat into the comforting ideas that they didn’t mean what they said but I questioned every sensual emotion that ever came across because my love is expressed so deep and so clear.